Potential breast-cancer risk factors, including whether they had breast-fed their infants, how long they breast-fed, why they had stopped, and whether those who did not breast-feed had received medication to stop milk flow. viagra canada online Adjusting for other breast-cancer risk factors, the researchers found that breast-feeding appeared to provide a decrease in risk, but only for pre-menopausal women who had breast-fed for at least 20 months. generic viagra online Freudenheim said one explanation for this finding may be the possibility that earlier pregnancy and breast-feeding may cause breast tissue to go through a development phase that makes it less susceptible to carcinogens. buy cheap viagra Conversely, late first pregnancy long has been considered a risk factor for developing breast cancer. zoloft e viagra There was no indication that women who stopped breast-feeding because of insufficient milk supply, or who had received treatment to stop milk flow, were at increased risk, freudenheim said. viagra pills This article was prepared by women's health weekly editors from staff and other reports. viagra kaufen holland Copyright 1997, women's health weekly via newsrx. viagra kaufen holland Com. viagra without prescription Welcome to newsrx! viagra time to work Learn more about a six-week, no-risk free trial of women's health weekly source: women's health weekly (1997-12-15) view other issues of women's health weekly view other newsrx publications more articles from women's health weekly breast cancer (conference news) study: taxotere outperforms adriamycin, the standard of care for breast cancer breast cancer (conference news) vaccine works in mice, human testing still in the future breast cancer (education and prevention) cd-rom targets high-risk hispanic women breast cancer (therapy) fareston availability announced as first-line treatment of metastatic cancer cervical cancer (clinical trials) matritech announces completion of preclinical trial for new cancer test contraception south african apartheid spurred women to adopt birth control more from this issue of women's health weekly newsrx is social follow us on your favorite social network by clicking on a button below: top medical newsletters vaccine weekly aids weekly blood weekly cancer weekly hepatitis weekly tb & outbreaks week women's health weekly medical letter. buy viagra canada do insurance plans cover viagra An avid explorer and traveller, Kenny Lees has been photographing fascinating parts of the world and its inhabitants for over a decade. One of the few people who has climbed Mt. Lidgbird and walked the legendary South West Road of Mt. Gower on Lord Howe Island, he has travelled to remote places, explored caves and charted boats and helicopters in search of the perfect shot.

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